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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Planting Hope with Every Transaction

At CAPS, we believe in taking actionable steps towards a greener future. That's why we're deeply committed to contribute to global reforestation efforts. For every amount we spend in our business operations, we ensure a tree is planted, turning our everyday financial activities into catalysts for change.

Our Partnership in Reforestation

Empowering Communities and Restoring Nature

We're proud to support Eden Reforestation Projects, a noble cause dedicated to providing fair wage employment for impoverished communities through global forest restoration. Since 2005, they've planted over 265 million trees and created countless job opportunities, helping communities rise above extreme poverty.

The Challenge We Face: Deforestation

Understanding the Impact

The threat of deforestation is real and pressing, leading to dire consequences such as animal extinction, pollution, climate change, natural disasters, and forced migration. By engaging in reforestation, we do more than plant trees—we combat these global issues head-on.

Our Impact: A Milestone of 20.000 Trees

A Testament to Collective Efforts

We're proud to announce that we have successfully planted over 21.000 trees. This significant milestone is not just a number; it represents a substantial contribution to carbon capture, biodiversity preservation, and the health of our planet. A single tree can capture approximately 308kg of carbon over a 25-year lifespan. Imagine the impact of an entire forest!

Join Us in This Green Journey

Every Tree Counts

We invite you to be part of this mission. Each contribution, no matter how small, helps expand efforts in reforestation and make a lasting impact on our planet's health Together, we can make a significant impact. One tree at a time.

You can support the project here.