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CAPS APPAREL is trying her best to give back to the earth.

Our most sustainable activity at the moment is that we are trying to give back to mother earth. As a starter: that's why we chose Bunq as our financial partner. To improve our sustainability we signed up for their SuperGreen business program. This program means that for every hunderd euro + transaction we make, Bunq will plant a few trees! Which comes down to that when you place an order, you're part of the transactions we make. Basically: you're planting trees with us. We choose to make sure that every payment transaction will be done through the bank, instead of other payment methods. This way we'll be able to to plant as many as possible. 

Besides that, the wholesale production process at the factory is checked yearly by TUV Rheinland. Which, out of many things, means there is a good employee and quality control. Read more about this here.

At the moment CAPS APPAREL already planted more than 2000 trees, want to have a closer look? Just ask us!

Want to know more about the SuperGreen business program or want to know where and how we plant trees? Check it out here.

For more information contact us at: and ask for Noor. She will reply ASAP :-)

PS: you can also contact us through Facebook or Instagram.!